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The ZWS brushless DC motors

Generalization of the ZWS brushless DC motors:

The main characteristics of the ZWS brushless DC motor
< High efficiency: there is neither copper loss nor iron loss in the rotor of the brushless DC motor. The efficiency is 5%-12% higher than the asynchronous motor with the same capacity
< Large power factor: the brushless DC motor doesn’t need an exciting current from the electricity grid, and the power factor is nearly 1.
< Great starting torque and small starting current: the mechanical properties and regulating properties are similar to other DC motors, so it has great starting torque, small starting current and wide range of regulation. But there are no shortcomings caused by brush commutator and the Mechanical commutation is replaced with the electronic commutation. 
< High motor output power: the output power is 30% higher than the asynchronous motor with the same volume and the same highest service speed. 
< Strong adaptability: the steady-state deviation between the working speed and the setting speed of the brushless DC motor is no greater than ±1% when the supply voltage deviates from the rated value by +10% or -15%, the ambient temperature increases or decreases by 40K, and the load torque varies from the rated value by 0-100%.
< The brushless DC motor has a self-operated speed regulating system. It doesn’t need a starting winding as common synchronous motors, and will not oscillate or desynchronize when the load changes suddenly.
< The brushless DC motor has both the characteristics of the DC motor and the conformations of the AC asynchronous motor.
< The brushless DC motor is suitable for long-time operation at a low speed and frequently starting, which are impossible for the Y series motor dragged by frequency-conversion speed regulator.

The rotor of the ZWS rare-earth permanent brushless DC motor is made of the rare-earth permanent magnetic material of good quality. The motor replaces the carbon commutator with the position sensor and has electronic commutation by electronic control circuits. It keeps all the advantages of the traditional DC motors and overcomes the weaknesses of the complicated conformations of the carbon brush and the slip ring and high failure rate.

● Excellent characteristics of torque, good performance of torque at a medium or low speed, and great starting torque
● High accuracy of speed regulation, wide range of speed regulation and strong capacity of overload
● small moment of inertia of the rotor, high response speed, small volume, light weight, great specific power (the ratio of the power to volume)
● Good braking characteristics
● High efficiency, no exciting power and mechanical loss by carbon brush and slip ring, and good energy conservation
● Simple conformation, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability and convenient maintenance
● Good resistance to vibration, low noise, little oscillation, steadier operation and longer life
● No radio interference and sparkle by brush, which is especially adequate for dangerous fields of explosion, vile working environments and frequently quick start
● IP code: IP-54,IP-55
● very high rotating speed (60000rpm)

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