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The MB infinitely variable transmission boxes

Generalization of the MB infinitely variable transmission boxes: 

The MB infinitely variable transmission box is composed of tightening aggressive device, slip gear, speed governing device. 
Wide range of speed change: R=5, namely, the output rotating speed varies from 1/1.45 to 1/7.25 of the input rotating speed, which is adequate for continuous service. It can be started with overload and the speed can be governed with load as required, which is adequate for much changeable properties or continuous changeable properties. It has high accuracy of speed governing, high strength, coaxial configuration, small volume, light weight. Its performance is stable and the selected output speed remains constant with admissible load. It has steady operation, low noise, long life, little maintenance, simple manipulation and high efficiency.
Direction of rotation: the directions of rotation of the input and output shaft are the same; the others need to determine the direction of rotation according to transmission stages.
Input rotating speed: the motor base below M507 should be no more than 2800 rpm; the motor base above M507 should be no more than 1400rpm, and the input rotating speed of the full series should be no less than 750rpm.
The running-in requirement: when the transmission machine starts running-in, the temperature rise can be higher than normal. The temperature rise gradually decreases to normal level after 60-80 hours of running-in. The speed should be frequently governed during the running-in period, which is good for long-time steady operation; the high temperature during the running-in period affects the normal and admissible working condition, but does no harm to the service life of the component.

The characteristics of the MB infinitely variable transmission boxes:
◆ strong capacity of combination: It can be combined with all kinds of reductions directly-connected and govern the speed infinitely with small volume and high efficiency at both low and high speed. So the motor shows good adaptability


n2max/n2min: =5
The range of speed governing of basic model: 200-1000rpm of combination and 0.001-2000rpm of subsection
The range of torque: 1.5-980Nm
The range of power: 0.18-22kW


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