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The NMRV worm-gear reduction box

The characteristics of the NMRV worm-gear reduction box:
The NMRV series products are manufactured in accordance with Q/MD1-2000 standard and Chinese national Standard GB10085-88. The worms and gears are manufactured in accordance with MC European standard. The whole box is cast of Al-alloy of good quality by only one time, and has universal installation conformation maintenance-free for good. The NMRV series can combine with the special front-located PC inclined speed reduction gear module, making greater reduction ratio to get greater output torque. The installation mode of the whole machine doesn’t change, and the length of the machine increase only. It has light weight, no rust, steady work, low noise and high cooling efficiency, and can be installed non-directionally. It has beautiful appearance and is widely used in light industry.


Power: 0.06kW-7.5kW
Torque: 2.6Nm-2379Nm
Reduction ratio of single-stage: 5-100
Reduction ratio of two-stage: 100-10000


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