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The WB miniature cycloidal speed reduction gears

The characteristics of the WB miniature cycloidal speed reduction gears:
The WB series have al-alley die-cast shells made in high pressure. They are made by new processing techniques and the performance has been improved. The products have better inherent quality, small volume, lighter weight and more beautiful appearance, which are all lubricated by grease and difficult to leak oil. The customer can install and use the gear in any angle or direction as required. The WB series is a mechanism with cycloidal gears according to involute planetary gear transmission theory. The installation modes are horizontal mode, vertical mode, double-shafts mode and coupled mode. The products are the preferences for industries of metallurgy, mine, architecture, chemical, spinning and light industry.


Power: 0.04kW~3kW
Torque: 25Nm~250Nm
Transmission ratio: 9-87 of single-stage and 121-1849 of two-stage


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