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The X/B cycloidal speed reduction gears

The characteristics of the X/B cycloidal speed reduction gears:
The X/B cycloidal speed reduction gear is a retarding mechanism with cycloidal gears by the epicyclical transmission theory, which is advanced in designing and has novel conformations. It has great reduction ratio, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, low malfunction, long life stable and reliable operation, low noise, convenient assembling and disassembling, simple conformation good capacity of overload, good resistance to shock and small inertia moment, which can be widely used in kinds of transmission machineries, such as hoisting, transporting, mine, metallurgy, petrochemical, spinning, dye printing, light industry, pharmacy, foodstuff, pro-environment.


Input power: 0.09kW~173kW
Output torque: 20Nm~60800Nm


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