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The N epicyclical gearboxes

Generalization of the N epicyclical gearboxes:
The N series are the combination of speed reduction motors and large-scale speed reduction gears. The shaft coupling and the adapter are not needed, and the conformation is compact. There are nine specifications with rated torque from 36000Nm to 1200000Nm. The loads are distributed on epicyclical gears, so the bearing capacity is higher than common inclined speed reduction gears. The needs of small room and high torque output are met. The series are widely used in industries of large-scale mine, iron and steel, chemical engineering, harbor and pro-environment.
The characteristics of the N epicyclical gearboxes:
◆ Modular design, which can be changed to customer demands.
◆ The box is made of nodular cast iron, which improves the rigidity and shock resistance of the box greatly. 
◆ The sun gear, planet gear, ring gear and the helical bevel gear are all carburized and quenched in controlled atmosphere to get a wearable face with high rigidity. After the heat treatment, the noise of the mill teeth is lowed, and the efficiency and the life of the complete appliance are improved. 
◆ Input mode: concentric-shaft mode, spiral gear mode, bevel gear/spiral gear mode and bevel gear mode
◆ Output mode: internal spline mode, hollow shaft with a shrinking plate mode, external spline mode and solid shaft with a flat key mode
◆ Installation mode: horizontal mode, vertical mode and torque link mode
◆ The N series have specifications of 9~34, the epicyclical transmission stages are two-stage and three-stage, and the speed ratio is 25~4000.
◆ Combined with the MK、MD、ME series makes a greater speed ratio


The range of speed ratio: 25~4000
The range of torque: 2.6-900kN
The range of power: 0.18-1920kW


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