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The H/B gearboxes

Generalization of the HB industry gearboxes:
The HB series have monolithic conformation, universal mode of installation, medium range of torque, high performance, and high reliability. Customized modules and compact conformation ensure high torque transmission. The cushion box can stand heavy load. The best sealing combines with conformation and the bearing life is long. The modes of installation are horizontal mode, vertical mode and up-straight mode. The standardized components are usually stocked and timely delivery guaranteed. There is a conveyer system with them which is widely used in industries of building materials, chemical engineering, electric power, metallurgy, foodstuff, feedstuff, transport, traffic, timber, paper and pro-environment.
The characteristics of the HB industry gearboxes:
◆ The HB gearboxes are universally designed, which can be transformed to special gearboxes to customer demands.
◆ The box is universal to parallel shaft, rectangular shaft, vertical mode and horizontal mode. The categories of components are reduced and the specifications are increased.
◆ The box conformation is sound-absorbing, the surface area is large and the fan is big. The cylindrical gears and the helical bevel gears are all ground with advanced techniques, which makes low temperature rise, low noise, more reliable operation and greater transmitted power.
◆ Input mode: the electric motor-flange connecting mode and shaft mode
◆ Output mode: solid shaft with a flat key, hollow shaft with a flat key, hollow shaft connected with tightening plate, hollow shaft connected with multiple keys, solid shaft connected with multiple keys and solid shaft connected with a flange.
◆ Installation mode: horizontal mode, vertical mode, swinging base mode and torque link mode
◆ The HB series have specifications of 3~26, the reduction stages are 1~4 and the speed ratios are 1.25~450.


The range of speed ratio: 1.25~450
The range of torque: 2.6-900kN
The range of power: 4-5000kW


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