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The MD helical speed reduction gears

Generalization of the MD helical speed reduction gears:
The MD inclined/helical speed reduction gears have many kinds of installation modes adequate for different fields. The installation modes include tail- installation, flange- installation and shaft-installation which can be single-shaft output or double-shaft output. These products are very adequate for the fields with limited installation space.
The MD three-stage inclined and helical speed reduction gears have high efficiency and long life with installation modes of tail mode, flange mode and shaft mode. 
The range of torque of the MD & MK gears with small backlash in specifically range and the circumferential backlash≤10' is 200-8000Nm.
The characteristics of the MD helical speed reduction gears:
◆ Perpendicular output, compact conformation, great transmission torque, and gears with high accuracy which ensure the steady work, low noise and long life.
◆ Installation mode: base mode, flange mode, torque-link mode and small flange mode.
◆ Input mode: the electric motor directly-connected, the electric motor strap-connected , shaft or the flange-connected
◆ Output mode: hollow-shaft mode or solid-shaft mode
◆ Reduction ratio: 8.1-191, combined to 13459


The range of speed ratio: 8.1-191
The range of torque: 0.155-50kN
The range of power: 0.12-160kW


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