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The MK inclined speed reductiongears

The MK inclined speed reduction gears :
The MK inclined speed reduction gears and the RX single-stage and the R two-stage and three-stage speed reduction gears can stand higher radial load. There are flange tails in the installation of the tail and the flange, and the speed reduction gears also have flanges and tails.
The characteristics of the MK helical speed reduction gears:
◆ Small bias output, compact conformation, and making most use of the box space, the second and the third stage in the same box
◆ Integrally-cast box, good rigidity of the box, and easy to enhance the strength of the shaft and prolong the service life of the bearing
◆ Installation mode: base-installation, and there are big and small flanges to choose conveniently.
◆ Solid-shaft output, the average efficiency of two-stage is 96% and 94% for three-stage and the overall average efficiency is 85%
◆ The MKM special for agitation can stand greater axial force and radial force


The range of speed ratio: 5-264
The range of torque: 0.13-18kN
The range of power: 0.12-160kW


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